Check in & Check Out


Check in for sessions 1-5 is on Sunday from 1:00pm to 3:00pm. Please do not arrive prior to 1:00pm or you will wait at the Camp entrance to allow us to continue our final preparations to greet your campers. A staff member will be at the gate to greet you on check-in day. Check-in is in your child’s village. Parents who plan to travel to camp by boat need to contact the camp office before check-in day.


Cabin Check-In

Your child’s counselor will be at the cabin to greet you and introduce your child to the other campers. Please share any information that will assist the staff as we relate to your child. It is best to make your partings brief and pleasant so your child does not get upset about your departure.


As soon as the cabin group is complete, the orientation program will begin. The campers will begin with a tour of the camp, a health check, swim evaluation and waterfront orientation prior to the evening meal. The swim evaluation has campers demonstrate a forward-moving stroke and tread water for one minute to participate in aquatic activities. Campers who are not able to demonstrate these skills are required to take daily swimming lessons if they wish to participate in aquatic activities. During the health check assesses any bumps, bruises, wounds, lice, or athletes foot. Any health issues discovered during the check may affect your camper’s stay. If your camper has any preexisting concerns, you must check in with the Wellness Center Staff before leaving camp to avoid any complications.



Check out for sessions 1-5 is on Friday from 6:00pm to 8:00pm. Please fill out the Alternate Leave form if you need to pick your child up before the scheduled time or if you wish to designate someone other than a parent to pick up your child. Please try to arrive before the check out deadline. We require notification if you will arrive later than posted check out times. If a camper has not been checked out before 8pm the parents will be charged the stay over fee for that particular weekend. Please take a moment to check the Lost and Found before you leave; it is located in the area between the Tennis Courts and the Administration Building. Your feedback is important to us. At the conclusion of each session, a short survey will be emailed to receive your immediate feedback. A more detailed survey will be emailed at the end of the summer to each family.


During checkout, you may secure your spot for the next summer, at the current rates, by participating in the “Are You In” program! Not only do you already know you will be at Camp for the next summer, you will also receive a limited edition shirt! Registration cards will be available throughout the check out process. Fill out an “Are You In” card and hand it in at the gate just before you leave. It is as easy as that. No worrying about getting your spot at Camp!




Check In is Wednesday from 10:00 am – 12:00 pm.

Check Out is Friday from 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm. During Check Out there is a Family BBQ so bring the whole family down to pick up your mini camper!