Staff FAQs

Staff Reference Form:
If you have been selected as a reference by one of our staff members, please click here if you did not already fill out a reference card. Thanks!


All staff wear a staff shirt at all times while on-duty at camp. We will provide them for you when you arrive. Women, you may only wear a one-piece swimsuit, no bikinis or tankini’s please. You are more than welcome to wear anything more than that, i.e.: board shorts or equivalent. Men, you may not wear speedos or any bikini equivalent. Please bring swim shorts/trunks or boardies.

What facilities do you have access to?
We have a laundry room for all the staff to use. We also have a computer room with high-speed Internet access. There is a staff lounge with a massive TV and satellite connection, phones to call home with a calling card (you can buy one here) and a billiards room.

The weather?
It is around 85 Degrees F (29 C) here on most days, although it can get up to 100 (38 C) on hot days. Or down to 65 Degrees F (18) on colder days and especially at night. It rains now and then with big thunderstorms so make sure you pack rain gear. Otherwise, it’s a fairly mild climate with a good deal of humidity.

How does the whole pay thing work?
You are paid on a per session basis during the course of the summer. You will receive your paycheck on the middle Friday on the following session.

How close to town are we?
We are about a 15 minute ride into town where you can go shopping, see a movie or get really good seafood. The Maryland Crab is famous, so our restaurants are packed with crab cakes and crab cracking. Hope you like seafood!

If you are flying, or getting a ride, we can pick you up from the below locations. Please try to arrive during reasonable hours from around 8am to 8pm Eastern Standard Time. Please verify arrival dates with a Camp Director before booking your flights. Once you have made your travel arrangements please email the information to us so we can make sure someone is there to pick you up.
BWI – Baltimore/Washington International Airport – Baltimore, Maryland (MD)

PHI – Philadelphia International Airport – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)
Train and Bus Terminal:
Wilmington, Delaware (DE)

How do I drive to camp?
Driving directions are online here, or you can just use your GPS with the address below:
24370 Still Pond Neck Road, Worton, MD 21678

What is the food like?
Our food is on a two-week schedule during the summer sessions. The head chef and his cooks prepare everything from chicken nuggets and burgers to pancakes, eggs and french toast. We have vegetarian and vegan (not at every meal) options at each meal and would be glad to accomodate any other specific diets that you may require, just let us know so we can plan ahead.

When should we arrive to camp?
If you are coming to camp in a leadership position Adstaff, training begins on June 4th. For waterfront staff and New Ellis lifeguards, training begins on June 7th. Our challenge course training starts on June 8th for ropes staff. Returning guards need to attend the Ellis re-certification from June 9th – 11th. Finally, our main staff training begins the afternoon of June 11th. We look forward to seeing you this summer.

Can we drive down early?
Sure can! We know it will be a long drive for some of you. You are welcome to come down the night before. Please let us know if you plan to come down early so we can make sure we have housing for you.

What is the normal daily schedule?
7:15 Wake up
8:00 Breakfast
8:30 Camp Cleanup
9:15 Cabin Activities
10:15 Morning Acitivity Periods (where you act as instructor)
12:30 Lunch
1:00 Rest Hour
2:00 Afternoon Activity Periods
5:30 Dinner
6:00 Free Hour
7:00 Cabin Activities
8:30 Campers cleanup for the night
9:00 Evening devotional time with campers
10:00 Lights out for all campers

How much time off do we get?
For new staff, it is a little complicated to explain at first, but once you are here for one session this summer, it will make complete sense. In the simplest terms, you will have one day off per week. These days off a split between fixed weekends between sessions called “changeovers” and a Day Off to be scheduled during the course of the session. You will also receive an Evening Off each session which runs from 5:30 PM – 12:00 AM. As coverage allows, you will have additional on-camp and off-camp time off opportunities which may vary from session to session.a