Laura E. Ohline Scholarship

The Laura E. Ohline Scholarships are awarded annually to deserving members of our staff, to help further pursue their education endeavors. The award is peer selected and is presented to the staff who have best demonstrated the values that Laura exemplified.

  • Excellence in displaying our core values.
  • Caring for our campers.
  • Supporting fellow staff members.
  • Working in service to our camp.

2019 Laura E. Ohline Nominees:

Libby Richardson
Makayla Cutter
Amanda Mitsdarfer
Nina Soffer
Aedan Julian
Garrett Hall
Logan Keefer
Emily Anderson
John MacDonnell
Rhi Connell
Dylan Rhodes
Jessica Carey
Emily Shields
Gage Mandrell (Not Pictured)

2019 Laura E. Ohline Scholarship Winners

Jess Carey

Jess Carey worked as one of the Head Counselors during the 2019 summer. She is a veteran staff member, working six summers at Camp Tockwogh. Before becoming a staff member, Jess was a camper for 8 years. Jess previously attended Shippensburg University and is in between schools at the moment. This winter she will be working as Camp Tockwogh’s winter intern before returning to camp in the summer to continue being a leader for the rest of the staff. Jess is working to one day become a counselor and work with kids in a therapeutic setting.

Jess sees camp as a place for all people to learn and grow with no judgement. She describes it as “…a place to try new things. It’s opportunity. You find your family and friends here. A place that everyone belongs.”

Dylan Rhodes

Dylan worked in the Outdoor Exploration program at Camp Tockwogh. He taught our campers about the Chesapeake Bay, the wildlife and plant life located at Camp Tockwogh, an the importance of the environment and biodiversity in the world. This was Dylan’s first year on staff. And he describes Tockwogh as a place for growth. In his own words “It gives children and staff an opportunity to learn both about themselves and the environment around them in a way that may not have been explored or discovered before in their lives”.

Dylan currently attends college at Lock Haven University of Pennsylvania. He is majoring in outdoor recreation management, with a minor in environmental studies. Dylan hopes to one day build his own log cabin to live in.

Emily Shields

In 2019, Emily worked in the Wellness Center with assisting our nurses and campers with any health and medical related issues. Emily has spent four summers at Camp Tockwogh and describes it as “…a place where I am be my absolute truest self. It is a place where you are surrounded by nature and amazing people. It is a place where people learn and grow at their own pace, no matter how old they are.”

Emily is currently attending the University of Delaware where she is studying Medical Diagnosis with a concentration on Pre-PA (Physicians Assistant). After she graduates, Emily plans to enroll in graduate program, and hopes to one day work as PA in obstetrics and women’s health.

Garrett Hall

Garrett Hall completed his 5th year at Camp Tockwogh. He oversaw the land programs during the summer and helped to make them the most successful they’ve ever been. Garrett graduated in 2018 from Shippensburg University where he received his bachelors in Middle Level Education.

Since graduating he’s worked for in his hometown school district, Kennett Consolidated School District, as a substitute teacher. He’s also helped to provide private tutoring for math. Garrett has continued his passion for teaching and is currently living in Chiang Mai, Thailand where he teaches English as a second language! Garrett isn’t sure how long he’ll be teaching in Thailand but hopes to return to camp one day with new memories and experiences and to once again cheer on the land staff throughout the summer.