Laura E. Ohline Scholarship

The Laura E. Ohline Scholarships are awarded annually to deserving members of our staff, to help further pursue their education endeavors. The award is peer selected and is presented to the staff who have best demonstrated the values that Laura exemplified.

  • Excellence in displaying our core values.
  • Caring for our campers.
  • Supporting fellow staff members.
  • Working in service to our camp.


2018 Laura E. Ohline Nominees:


Myles Dean
Alex Greenlee
Krista Delone
Luis Paulo Campanal
Audrey Mazelin
Emily Shields
Aedan Julian
Ren Quantrill
Makayla Cutter
Nina Soffer
Nathan Donkoh-Moore
Amanda Mitsdarfer (not pictured)



2018 Laura E. Ohline Scholarship Winners


Krista Delone

Krista has been a part of Camp Tockwogh for 15 years, and most recently acted as Head Female Counselor during the summer of 2018. When asked what Camp Tockwogh means to her she said, “I feel like Camp Tockwogh is the perfect place to be happy and help others find happiness. During my 15 summers at camp, I have grown as an individual and made life-long friends. What camp means to me can be summed up in three words: community, growth, and fun!”

Krista graduated from the University of Maryland in May of 2017, with a minor in Human Development. Krista is an avid traveler and backpacked throughout Southeast Asia in the winter of 2017/2018. She is hoping to be a part of an exchange program with the Y of Sao Palo (Brazil) in the winter of 2018-2019.


Emily Shields

In 2018, Emily worked on the waterfront with our younger campers as the Assistant Cho Director. Emily has spent three summers at Camp Tockwogh and describes it as “…a place where I am be my absolute truest self. It is a place where you are surrounded by nature and amazing people. It is a place where people learn and grow at their own pace, no matter how old they are.”

Currently, Emily is currently attending the University of Delaware where she is studying Medical Diagnosis with a concentration on Pre-PA (Physicians Assistant). After she graduates, Emily plans to enroll in graduate program, and hopes to one day work as PA in obstetrics and women’s health.


Amanda Mitsdarfer

Amanda worked as the Cho Pirates lead where she cared for the youngest campers at Cho Beach. Amanda has spent nearly all her life with Camp Tockwogh and can’t wait to come back each summer. She says, “It’s a place to take a break from reality, and a place to make an impact. No matter how long the year seems, I always know that I get to return to camp. Every friend that I have met at camp, whether I was only with them for one summer or ten, will always have a special place in my life. They are like family.”

Currently Amanda is studying Water Science at the University of Delaware. She hopes to one day find a career working with the fresh bodies of water in Delaware, helping with water pollution and wetland restoration.

Luis Paulo Campanal

Luis has worked at Camp Tockwogh for the past three summers, and has been awarded with the Laura E. Ohline Scholarship in each one. In 2018, Luis worked as the Iroq Village Chief, where he led the 6th and 7th grade boys. During that time, he garnered a culture of respect that allowed the boys to connect as a group and have an amazing time at Camp. Luis graduated from college in Sao Palo Brazil with a focus in Business Administration and is currently participating in a trainee exchange program with Camp Tockwogh. One day, Luis hopes to study to be a life coach and teacher.

Simply put by Luis, “Camp Tockwogh is  my home away from home.”