Choose the Retreat that’s Right for you:

Youth and Faith Based Groups

Tockwogh has a variety of programming options for weekend church and youth groups. We believe that it is always a formative experience whenever our country’s youth can take time to experience the outdoors. Whether you are looking for… Read More.

Adventure Guides and Scouting Groups

We offer a great recreational package for Y Adventure Guides and Scout Troops. The basic package for a Y Adventure Guide weekend at Tockwogh includes at…Read More.

Corporate Groups

We offer a fully customizable challenge course program for both for-profit and not-for-profit corporations. We provide day and overnight programs as well as meeting space in our heated cabins and…Read More.

School Groups

When your students get to feel, smell, and experience a lesson in the real world, the knowledge weaves its way into their brains. Our programs will give children the opportunity to experience first-hand what educators teach in…Read More.

Other Retreats

We provide a wide variety of programs during the spring and fall months. Our programs range from highly recreational to developmental and educational. There is a quality of being in natural environment – away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life – that continues to have…Read More About Other Retreats.