School Groups

When your students get to feel, smell, and experience a lesson in the real world, the knowledge weaves its way into their brains. Our programs will give children the opportunity to experience first-hand what educators teach in the classroom. At Tockwogh, we pride ourselves on creating opportunities to really apply knowledge in a natural setting. There are two forms of education that we provide. The first is an outdoor education program that focuses both on Chesapeake Bay ecology, forest ecology, weather, and geology/soil studies. The second grouping of classes revolve around outdoor skills – orienteering, fire building, and shelter-making. We can tailor any of our basic lessons to meet your curriculum needs. We view ourselves as partners with educational institutions and seek to enhance the learning that is happening in your classrooms already.

In addition to our outdoor education programming, we have a great set of team building facilities on site. We work with you to develop the right program for your needs. For example, some groups want to focus on communication, others have found that team problem-solving is an issue. Perhaps there is not an “issue” but you want to improve on something your team is already good at doing. Team building programs are an excellent way to encourage incremental improvement. Whatever the teamwork component you want to zero in on, we can create a custom experience that will help.
Thank you for your interest in Camp Tockwogh!